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Get it There Fast with RapidRun

RapidRun works with your Prism Restaurant and Pizzeria Point of Sale System to help the store, drivers, and customers keep track of orders and deliveries. It provides turn-by-turn navigation and quick customer contact tools. The RapidRun Driver App allows you to route orders directly to a driver’s mobile device, and works for both Android and Apple / iOS.

Features Include

  • Orders are routed directly to a driver’s mobile device
  • Turn-by-turn mapping directions to each location in the run
  • The store can view driver’s location from route screen
  • Drivers can call the customer hands-free from the app
  • Customer is notified when their order is out for delivery

Tightly Integrated with WebOrder

With Rapid Run, a customer who places a web order can track their driver and see how close they are using the order status page.  For take-out and pick-up orders, the order status page provides customers the ability to see when their order is ready. Those who want a contactless delivery have that option to pre-pay and have the order dropped off without having to open the door.

Store-side Driver Tracking App

With Rapid Run Service, a store can run our Driver Tracking App on a secondary monitor* connected to the Driver Route Station. The App displays Driver's location in real time providing more efficient Make-Times improves routing efficiencies, and reduces store operation overhead. No additional Licensing is necessary.

*The additional monitor runs off a secondary video port on the Route Station.


RapidRun Delivery map directins

Driver Delivery Tools

Mapping within the app allows drivers to deliver orders seamlessly. Providing maps and turn-by-turn directions.

After each delivery, RapidRun allows drivers to receive directions from the current location to the next delivery on the run. 

For contactless delivery, once they mark the order as "Delivered" the customer is notified.  

For multiple stops on the route, the first location on the run gets notified when the route is created, then each subsequent location is notified when the previous one is marked as delivered.

Drivers can alert both the store and the customer that the order was delivered from the RapidRun app at the touch of a button.



Curbside SMS MessageCustomer Order Tracking

Customers can see if their order picked up and where the delivery is located on a map. For pick up and curbside orders, the customer can see if the order is ready.

For customers who have opted for SMS notifications, they can communicate with the store and driver via text message.

For curbside pickup, once a customer responds to a text message, they can alert the store where they are parked for the order to be brought to their vehicle.

Pay at the Door

Within Rapid Run, with select credit card platforms, customers can "Pay at the door." This will allow a driver to process a credit card on site at the delivery location using an EMV capture or standard swipe if EMV is unavailable—minimizing fraudulent transactions and charge-backs with secure payment processing.


Prism Notification Service – Seamless Communication via SMS

Prism Notification Service is an easy way to communicate via SMS messaging between restaurants, customers, and delivery drivers. Driver communication is both automated and as needed via the RapidRun Delivery App. This is especially important for contactless deliveries. Drivers can let the customer know the order was delivered with an SMS text notification. Once delivered, RapidRun will automatically text the next order on the list that their food is on the way.  

It enhances Prism POS systems to provide simple and effective communication for order tracking and routing.

Notifications can be sent:

  • when an order is created / confirmed.
  • when the order is ready for pickup.
  • to respond when a customer texts "HERE" when they arrive for their curbside pickup.
  • when the order is going out of the restaurant for delivery.
  • when the delivery has arrived at the customers door.
  • with predefined or custom messages, for any reason, at any time.

Online Ordering - Touchless Take-Out and Delivery

Microworks WebOrder™ allows your customers to place their orders and pre-pay online. WebOrder™ tightly integrates with your store-side Point-of-Sale system providing your customers a secure and convenient way to order. Now more than ever, WebOrder's rock-solid customer facing features have never neen more critical to the success of your business.

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