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With a Microworks POS System for In-House,Take-Out, Curbside, or Delivery, You're in the Driver's Seat

Online Ordering - Touchless Take-Out and Delivery

Microworks WebOrder™ allows your customers to place their orders and pre-pay online. WebOrder™ tightly integrates with your store-side Point-of-Sale system providing your customers a secure and convenient way to order. Now more than ever, WebOrder's rock-solid customer facing features have never neen more critical to the success of your business.

What Can our POS System Do for Your Restaurant?

Help your business thrive! Prism Restaurant POS from Microworks increases staff efficiency, coordinates take-out and delivery management, and is the end-to-end solution to keep you and your staff focused on what matters. From pizzerias, casual dining, to full-service and multi-unit franchises, a POS System from Microworks has everything you need to stay on track. And with current changes to how you do business, communication between store, staff, customer and delivery drivers is crucial.

Prism Notification Service – Seamless Communication via SMS

Prism Notification Service enhances Prism POS systems with an easy way to communicate via SMS messaging. With curbside pick-up, increasing number of delivery orders, and contactless order options, SMS text messaging is necessary.

The flexibility and functionality of the Prism Notification Service allows it to be used in single and/or multi-location food establishments.

With a POS System from Microworks you run your restaurant—don’t let it run you.

  • Rock Solid POS Reliability
  • Tightly Integrated Online Ordering
  • Cloud-Based Enterprise Management
  • Total End-to-End Solution
  • Advanced Delivery Management
  • Fully Integrated Digital Mapping
  • Real-Time Driver Tracking
  • Mobile Driver Assist and Payment App
  • Real-Time Multi-Location Reporting
  • Track Food Cost and Inventory Levels
  • Labor Cost Analysis
  • Knowledgeable and Accessible Support

Pizza POS Systems:

Let employees focus on what matters—customer service and restaurant management.

Point-of-Sale systems backed by more than three decades of customer driven innovation, Microworks Prism POS offers an ideal POS for Pizzeria's, dining, take-out and delivery.

A complete end-to-end restaurant management and franchise automation solution, Prism is POSitively the Essential Ingredient for Total Efficiency.

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Pizza POS Systems

Web & Mobile Orders:

Increase your sales by making ordering secure and convenient for your customers—wherever they are.

WebOrder desktop or mobile ordering combines your store-side Restaurant POS or Pizza POS menu setup with the functionality of our intuitive device independent user interface.

WebOrder seamlessly integrates with your store-side system by using your existing menu and pricing rules.

Responsive design allows orders from any Desktop or Mobile Device.

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Mobile Ordering Software

Single or Multi-Unit POS:

A complete, automated Restaurant POS solution, freeing staff to focus on hospitality.

Prism POS not only replaces your restaurant cash register, time clock, and bookkeeper, it also provides the platform to completely automate every aspect of your operation. From single unit to multiple franchise locations, Prism is a complete Enterprise Management POS System.

Computerized ordering can dramatically reduce the time required to place an order, freeing up staff to cater to the needs of your customers.


Restaurant POS System


Why Microworks?

  • Unequaled Price and Performance
  • Knowledgeable and Accessible Support
  • More Than Three Decades of Innovation
  • Time Tested/Field Proven

Custom Tailored POS Solutions

We work with you hand-in-hand to provide a system that meets your exact specifications. Call today to discuss how Microworks can create the perfect restaurant POS system to meet your needs.

Add WebOrder to your Restaurant POS. Online ordering enhances management and delivery, as well as increases sales, all while adding convenience for your customers.

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