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Offering Your Customers Online Ordering for Take-Out & Delivery Has Never Been More Critical for Your Business

APPsolutely POSitively Going Mobile

Mobile Web Order Software

WebOrder and Your POS System = Online Ordering for Desktop and Mobile Devices

Today, offering online ordering is crucial. With Microworks Prism WebOrder™ you get the power of a custom branded online ordering portal for desktop, iPhone, or Android mobile devices. WebOrder is available where your customers are—at home, on the go, at work—simply everywhere.

It’s Friday night and the family is deciding on what food to order for board game night. They’re asking each other, “what are you in the mood for?” And someone says, “let’s look at the menu.”

If you don’t provide those customers with the ability to view your menu and order online, you’re potentially losing sales. When hunger strikes, you want to be the one they order from. When they ask “what’s for dinner?” you want to be on your customers’ desktop and mobile devices, with your menu, pictures of food, and a convenient button for them to click to order.

Desktop Web OrderTightly Integrated with Prism POS

WebOrder Mobile ordering combines your store-side menu setup and pricing rules with the functionality of our full browser-based ordering portal, while giving your customers the ultimate convenience of anywhere anytime ordering.

  • Favorite order recall
  • Detailed new order creation
  • Customer registration
  • Store location
  • Mobile specials
  • Credit card payment

Restaurant Software

In a GrubHub World, Provide What Your Customers’ Want at a Fraction of the Cost

It’s more common than ever for restaurants to offer online ordering and delivery. WebOrder is an advancement to pick-up and delivery automation. Microworks Prism WebOrder™ is an invaluable component of our complete end-to-end solution that allows your customers to create and pre-pay for their orders via their favorite web and mobile browser.

Your customers will have a simple and secure way to manage their orders while you maintain a single shared credit card batch with your stores POS system. All Web orders are automatically transferred to your stores POS system and will trigger all of the same events as an order taken in your store. Kitchen printers will fire and makeline, driver and ordering stations will immediately reflect any web activity.

Orders can be placed for immediate attention or queued for delivery or pick-up later. 

Seamless Upgrade to Your Store-Side POS System

Microworks WebOrder uses all of the same menu and location settings that are pre-programmed into your store POS system. This means that standard features like specialty include lists and advanced pricing options are seamlessly transferred to the web configuration.

Modifier selections can be properly validated and additional topping selections charged. WebOrder will instantly remove bottlenecks from your ordering process by allowing more of your customers to reach you during critical high volume periods while at the same time increasing your average ticket price by over 20%.

Prism WebOrder Has Convenient Payment & Delivery Options

  • Pick-Up and Pay
  • Pre-Pay and Pick Up
  • Pre-Pay and Delivery
  • Delivery and Pay at the Door
  • Contactless Delivery

What if you could provide your customers this convenience while providing yourself an unmatched end-to-end technology solution that’s backed by a company with over three decades of proven POS experience? Try it today!

Online Ordering - Touchless Take-Out and Delivery

Microworks WebOrder™ allows your customers to place their orders and pre-pay online. WebOrder™ tightly integrates with your store-side Point-of-Sale system providing your customers a secure and convenient way to order. Now more than ever, WebOrder's rock-solid customer facing features have never neen more critical to the success of your business.

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