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An integrated POS system is an essential ingredient in the recipe for your restaurant’s success. Below you will find commonly asked questions about Microworks POS Solutions, Inc and our Prism POS system. Our team is here to help address all of your questions and concerns every step of the way!

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Prism POS System Questions

How do I justify the expense of a computer system for my restaurant?

Consider just a few of the costly problems commonly found at many stores without the benefits of a fully integrated POS system:
Math errors
Items not charged for
Unreadable orders
Inconsistent pricing
Uncontrolled food and labor costs
Bad checks

The average cost of leasing a Prism POS system can be less than $8 a day, which is much less expensive than the problems that can arise without a POS system.

What type of payment options are available?

Microworks works with the largest leasing companies in the equipment business. Our account representatives can help you through the process of leasing a POS system in a matter of days. Lease rates are very competitive and may vary slightly with your personal credit history.

Microworks POS Solutions, Inc Questions

How long has Microworks been in business?

Microworks has been providing turnkey point-of-sale solutions for major franchises and independent owners since 1989.

How many systems does Microworks have in the field?

Microworks currently has over 2,000 systems in place across the United States, Canada, and worldwide. Our mid-range size gives us the unique ability to take the time needed to analyze the individual requirements of each client, drawing from our depth of experience.

What if I need software customization for my operation?

Prism POS has been designed and developed from the ground up from the comments and suggestions of our user-base. We are one of a handful of POS vendors that actually customizes our product for your specific needs.

Where can I see a Microworks Prism system in action?

A Microworks sales executive would be happy to provide user references or arrange a live demonstration in your area.

Hardware Questions

What type of hardware do you sell?

All Microworks turnkey systems are now shipping on and backed by the award-winning quality and on-site hardware warranty of Dell, Inc. If you are located anywhere in the United States, you qualify for on-site service dispatched directly from Dell to your location. This on-site service, directed by our knowledgeable and easily accessible help desk team, is a combination that will guarantee reliability for your system.

Who builds your systems?

Each system is fully assembled and thoroughly tested in our on-site production facility before it arrives at your location. We do not ship any equipment to you without quality control checking it here first. Our product specialists work directly with you through the production phase to verify your menu, pricing, printing, and other site-specific requirements are accurately preconfigured.

How is your hardware warranted/supported?

All Dell computers ship with a three-year warranty and on-site support program backed directly from Dell, Inc. If you are located anywhere in the United States, you qualify for on-site service. All other peripherals are warranted for one year, with touch-screens warranted for two years. Through our “Hot Spare” program, we stock replacement units ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you have a hardware failure, Microworks can have a spare unit to you the next morning. If problems occur out of warranty, Microworks can repair your unit or send you a refurbished unit to minimize downtime and expense.

What are my options for installation?

For larger systems, we offer and recommend the option for complete on-site installation and training. For small to mid-sized systems, it’s simple and cost-effective for the operator to set up their system with the help of our technicians over the phone. All systems ship pre-configured and thoroughly tested, complete with diagrams and cables customized to the specifics of each location.

“Menezes Pizza has used Prism software since 1997. Installing a Prism system boosted efficiency tremendously, allowing us to concentrate on food production and customer service. Prism POS software is a well organized, efficient workhorse that is easy to learn and fun to use. Prism POS lets us track orders and deliveries in seconds, so phones stay free for order-taking. We love the “Dashboard” feature, phone-hunt buttons and Order Details as well as other built-in control features. Menezes Pizza is a demanding customer situated in a high-density urban market with unique challenges. Microworks POS customized Prism software to fit our adaptations, and continues to service our needs with energy and innovation.”

Jill Menezes

President, Menezes Pizza

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Located in Webster, NY, we work with restaurants in the Rochester area, as well as across the United States, Canada, Europe, and parts of South America.

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